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Law Offices of William A. Stavros, LLC

William A. Stavros is a lawyer who understands that good people can sometimes make mistakes that land them in court. Some may have been falsely accused. Others may have been injured by the negligence or intentional acts of others. In all of these situations, Mr. Stavros empathizes with his clients’ fears and concerns about their future. He works hard to get the best possible results for each and every one of his clients. Being charged with a crime, a DUI/DWI or a serious traffic violation is extremely stressful. The prosecution (government/state) brings sophisticated resources to build their case against you. Getting an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer involved as soon as possible is the best way to protect yourself so you can work towards moving past your charges and on to a better future. A serious personal injury caused by another is also an immediate call to action. Insurance companies have substantial resources at their disposal to protect their own interests. Failing to retain an experienced and skilled attorney as soon as you are able after a serious injury can lead to problems that may compromise your claim. Attorney William A. Stavros serves the entire Eastern Shore through his office in Centreville, Maryland. He serves the entire Baltimore Metropolitan area and surrounding counties, including the Maryland D.C. suburbs from his office in Towson, Maryland.

William A. Stavros is an aggressive attorney who is dedicated to protecting and enforcing the rights and interests of his clients through personalized representation. He offers his clients substantial courtroom litigation experience gained by representing thousands of people in court over the past twenty five years. He represents clients in both the State and Federal Courts and is admitted to practice in the State of Maryland, the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Firm Focus:

William A. Stavros focuses on assisting people who are:

If you wish to consult with a lawyer about your situation, please call William A. Stavros to discuss your case and set up a free consultation. Call today at (410) 825-3300. If you live on the Maryland Eastern Shore call today at (410) 739-0794.

Firm Philosophy:

William A. Stavros understands that each case requires that he take the time necessary to understand fully the specific facts, the client’s hopes and needs, and the relevant law in order to develop a comprehensive and appropriate strategy for each individual case. Mr. Stavros knows that some cases require a tough aggressive approach while others require a softer touch or a mixture of both. He knows from years of experience that the best results are achieved through careful attention to the critical details. He strongly believes that effective representation includes explaining to each client thoroughly the strengths and weaknesses of the case. He is committed to communicating with his clients, and keeping them advised of any relevant updates. Maryland criminal lawyer William A. Stavros puts his clients first because he knows how important results are to them.

What to Expect From Attorney William A. Stavros

Many attorneys’ advertisements and websites seem to imply that if you merely hire them your best case scenario result is all but inevitable no matter how difficult your case might be. William A. Stavros takes a different approach; he will not tell what you want to hear to induce you to hire him. Rather, Mr. Stavros tells his clients what they need to hear to have a full understanding of their case; he explains the potential risks and rewards involved in pursuing the various possible strategies. Mr. Stavros believes that frank and open discussion leads to better understanding of the possible upsides and vulnerabilities. This approach makes for a more thorough preparation of the case. If you are the type of person that wants to hear a straightforward an honest assessment of your situation throughout the process call or contact Maryland criminal attorney William A. Stavros today for a free consultation at (410) 825-3300. On the Eastern Shore call (410) 739-0794.

Client Reviews

Mr. Will Stavros is an excellent attorney. He represented me on my dui charge. He was very professional and had immense knowledge about the existing law and how it worked. I, in total had about 18 citations and the state was asking for jail time. I was amazed by his proficiency in logical reasoning...


Will Stavros is a outstanding criminal defense attorney. He is responsive, thorough and creative in his advice. I immediately developed trust and confidence in him due to his vast wealth of knowledge and experience. I found him to be extremely efficient and cost effective given my complex situation...


Attorney William Stavros is "Simply The Best". He represented me a few years ago on the Eastern Shore in Ocean City for minor drug offense. Great outcome. Recently had a nerve wrecking serious offense 3rd time DUI on the upper Eastern Shore. There was no doubt whatsoever that I wanted Mr. Stavros as...


A few months back my daughter found herself in some legal trouble. A friend of ours suggested we contact Mr. Stavros. We set up a consultation with Mr. Stavros were he outline all of the potential pitfalls in our case. Once we retained Mr. Stavros on our case he immediately went into high gear...


Mr. Stavros was the answer to my prayer! This was for us, a first time experience with a serious traffic offense for my son, so of course we were unnerved at the prospect of going to court. Mr. Stavros was very professional, knowledgeable and sincerely interested in helping us through the process...


As most people probably are, I was scared at the thought of being in need of an attorney. Will Stavros calmed my fears professionally and delicately. I am a young mother that had little time to deal with the seriousness of my case. Will was incredibly informative and made sure I understood what my...


We were all very pleased with the outcome of my son’s case. I wanted to thank you for all of your help with my son’s case. I was very impressed when we met with you the first time for our free consultation. You had already done a lot of background research and informed us of what to expect and...


Mr. Stavros proved himself a master strategist In the course of many years, I have been associated with several attorneys on a professional basis. None of those can even come close to William Stavros. This exceptional attorney assisted me in a serious traffic matter that could have ruined my...


I will certainly recommend his services in the future to anyone who finds themselves in a legal bind "Mr Stavros is very knowledgeable and respectful to his clients. When I hired him as my attorney, he was always willing to make time to discuss my case with me. He put forth a great amount of time...


Mr. Stavros, you have my highest recommendation -- "Dear Mr. Stavros I want to thank you so much for the time and effort you applied towards my case. You took extra time and discussed all of my concerns on several occasions before court. You also provided excellent suggestions for me to complete...


I can confidently recommend Mr. Stavros' legal professional services "As a Maryland attorney, I can confidently recommend Mr. Stavros' legal professional services. He is been my number one referral source for individuals who have a need for traffic or criminal cases, in large part due to his...


I would gladly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a lawyer. Will made what was a terrible situation better by being available and attentive. My questions and concerns were always answered and addressed, and complex issues were explained and options presented. His thorough knowledge of law...


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