Baltimore County, Maryland

William A. Stavros is a Baltimore County criminal attorney; he was born and raised in Baltimore County. He understands its history, culture and the diversity of its local communities. The Law Office of William A. Stavros is located in the heart of Towson on Washington Avenue. His office is a short walking distance from both the Baltimore County Circuit Court and the Towson District Court Building. Mr. Stavros has spent a great deal of his time as a criminal lawyer practicing before the various courts of Baltimore County defending DUI, criminal and traffic cases. In that time Mr. Stavros has acquired a familiarity with its judicial system and a variety of programs and options that may help increase the odds of a positive outcome in your case. There are programs and options that may be useful for defendants accused of first-time C.D.S. possession, individuals with serious addiction and substance abuse problems, and juveniles accused of violating the law, just to name a few.

If you have been charged or believe you may be charged with a violation of the Maryland criminal code, DUI/DWI, or a traffic citation, you should seek the advice of an experienced Baltimore County criminal attorney as soon as possible. Your legal rights may be prejudiced by delaying in retaining an attorney. William A. Stavros understands how intimidating and complex the judicial system can be when you are facing charges or have been seriously injured. He is skilled at explaining to his clients the judicial process and the relevant options and choices that are particular to each client’s case. Mr. Stavros is committed to striving always for the best possible outcomes for his clients.

If you need a lawyer in Baltimore County to discuss your criminal, DUI / DWI, traffic or personal injury matter, you may call the Law Offices of William A. Stavros, LLC for a free consultation. His Towson office telephone number is (410) 825-3300. He may also be reached at (410) 739-0794.

Traffic and Related Criminal Issues in Baltimore County

The I-95 corridor is just one of a number of commonly traveled thru-ways used for East Coast Interstate travel and transport located in Baltimore County. Individuals who reside out of the state of Maryland may find themselves facing the predicament of criminal, DUI / DWI, and/or serious traffic charges as a result of being pulled over. The Police Department, Maryland State Troopers and Maryland Transportation Authority Officers vigilantly patrol highways and roads in search of vehicles involved in all types of criminal and traffic violations. Attorney William A. Stavros represents both local and out-of-state individuals who find that they are facing the potential consequences of being charged with either traffic violations and/or criminal charges. An experienced attorney can be of great assistance in guiding you through the judicial system in Baltimore County.

Baltimore County District Court:

The District Court of Maryland for Baltimore County has courthouses located in Towson, Essex and Catonsville. The District Court of Maryland hears criminal matters, some civil cases and most violations of the Motor Vehicle Law. All matters in District Court of Maryland may be heard only by a judge. Jury trials only occur in Circuit Court.