Your legal rights may be prejudiced by delay

Bench Warrant

Failing to appear in Maryland State Court for any offense carrying potential jail time almost always results in the judge issuing a bench warrant for your arrest. It is best to act as quickly as possible and contact an experienced Baltimore bench warrant attorney when you find out that a warrant has been issued, as you can be apprehended at any time and unexpectedly. A surprise arrest could come very soon or sometime later, without any regard to your convenience, comfort, embarrassment or personal situation. There is no way to know when law enforcement will serve the warrant. Even if you are no longer in the State of Maryland, you may still find yourself confronted with the warrant when you might least expect it. You might be surprised to find out how often this happens.

A failure to appear is not the only reason the court might issue a bench warrant. In a violation of probation case the court may order a warrant for your arrest, although in those probation violation cases the judge may also issue a summons to appear in court with a date. Whatever the reason for the warrant it is best to take quick and appropriate action to deal with your situation. Delay can cast you in a poor light before the court and may make resolving your bench warrant and your underlying case more difficult. You should hire a lawyer experienced with handling bench warrants as soon as possible.

Attorney William A. Stavros has handled numerous bench warrants throughout the State of Maryland in his many years of experience. For a free consultation regarding your bench warrant and your underlying case call William A. Stavros at (410) 825-3300. If your warrant is on the Eastern Shore call him at his Centreville office at (410) 739-0794.

What can a lawyer do to help me resolve my bench warrant?

One of the things a lawyer can do is to file a Motion to Quash a Bench Warrant on your behalf. This motion asks the court to recall the warrant and in its place issue a summons to appear. In the motion an attorney can put forward your explanation for failing to appear, or in the case of a violation of probation warrant assert why this warrant is unnecessary under the circumstances. There is, however, no guarantee that a Motion to Quash a Bench Warrant will be successful in having the warrant recalled. Certain jurisdictions are more friendly to such requests than others. Sometimes, depending upon the bail amount and the jurisdiction, turning yourself in may be the better overall option. A lawyer experienced with Maryland bench warrants can help you make the decision that is best for you.

It is my opinion that it is often a mistake for a defendant to attempt to file a motion on their own behalf without the assistance of an experienced lawyer for a number of reasons: A layperson does not have experience with the subtleties and nuances gained through years of practicing law and may end up placing themselves in a worse position. Also, the fact that a lawyer is involved in the case can demonstrate to the court that a defendant is taking the failure to appear and the underlying case seriously. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the many reasons why a defendant with a bench warrant should hire an attorney rather than attempt to go it alone. Suffice it to say, when you are faced with something as serious as a warrant for your arrest, your best option is to hire an experienced lawyer.