You should consult with an attorney immediately after any DUI/DWI arrest.


William A. Stavros is a Baltimore County DUI lawyer experienced at handling DUI/DWI cases in both the State and Federal Courts. Mr. Stavros has over twenty five years of courtroom trial experience and has represented thousands of people in Court. Every DUI or DWI case is unique and must be looked at carefully as these cases often turn on very technical issues. Mr. Stavros is committed to fighting to achieve the best possible outcome for your particular situation.

The discussion below applies to DUI and DWI arrests on non-Federal property only. Arrests on Federal property are subject to Federal laws and procedures. Contact William A. Stavros if you wish to discuss the implications of your Federal DUI/DWI arrest.

General Information Regarding DUI And DWI Arrests

In Maryland a DUI/DWI arrest most often results in two separate cases: (1.) The criminal charges which are under the jurisdiction of the courts, and (2.) The Motor Vehicle Administration case heard before the Office of Administrative Hearings. Motorists facing these situations need professional guidance from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after arrest to attempt to minimize the many serious potential consequences.

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Criminal Charges for DUI/DWI

The DUI/DWI case most people are familiar with involves the criminal charges which are pursued in either the State or Federal Courts, depending upon where the alleged offense occurred. Criminal charges for drunk driving can result in substantial fines, a criminal record, jail time, and points that can trigger a suspension or revocation of your license. Representation by an aggressive attorney experienced at handling DUI and DWI cases, however, can make a substantial positive difference in your outcome in Court.

William A. Stavros is experienced at handling DUI/DWI cases and understands that each case requires a careful review to find and make use of the issues, strengths and weaknesses that can lead to the best outcomes. Technical legal issues and weaknesses in the State's or Government's case may lead to an acquittal, dismissal or a reduction in your charges and/or exposure.

In cases where the evidence is sufficient for a conviction for DUI or DWI, first offenders and some others may be able to obtain a "Probation Before Judgment" disposition from the Court. A "Probation Before Judgment" disposition prevents by law the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration from assessing points against your Maryland driving record. Points imposed as a result of a DUI or DWI conviction can result in the suspension or revocation of your driver's license or privilege to drive.

The Motor Vehicle Administration and Your Driver's License or Privilege to Drive

In Maryland the less well known, but important case that can result from a DUI or DWI arrest is pursued by the Motor Vehicle Administration (M.V.A.). The Motor Vehicle Administration case is important to you because the M.V.A. will seek to suspend your license and/or privilege to drive if you are reported as refusing to take the breathalyzer test, or if you took the breathalyzer test and the result of that test was beyond a certain level.

It is very important after a DUI or DWI arrest that you consult with an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer as soon as possible. A request for an M.V.A. hearing must be made within 10 days of arrest to insure that you receive an opportunity to argue against any suspension of your privilege to drive. You still, however, have up to 30 days after your arrest to request an M.V.A. hearing, but you may have to endure a period of suspension prior to your hearing if you wait until after the 10th day. In some situations the Ignition Interlock option may be preferable to having an M.V.A. hearing. The best course of action for you depends on your needs and circumstances. Decisions must be made quickly and an experienced attorney can help guide you through the process. Failure to take any appropriate and timely action after a DUI or DWI arrest that triggers M.V.A. action will almost certainly result in a suspension of your license and/or privilege to drive.

Repeat DUI/DWI Arrests

Repeat DUI/DWI defendants have additional complications that must be addressed as quickly as possible. Subsequent convictions for DUI/DWI can result in mandatory jail time as well as additional potential jail or prison time beyond the maximum penalty for first time offenders.

WILLIAM A. STAVROS, Experienced and Aggressive DUI/DWI Lawyer

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