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Possession with Intent to Distribute and Manufacturing (C.D.S.)

Possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance (C.D.S.) and manufacturing are serious felony charges. Attorney William A. Stavros understands that people facing such charges are under considerable stress and are concerned about their future. Some of the potential penalties for these charges may include a prison sentence, jail time, fines, probation and a criminal record. There can also be numerous collateral consequences. It is extremely important that you contact an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest. Time is of the essence in exploring the available strategies appropriate to your manufacturing and/or possession with intent to distribute charges.

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How Possession Can Become Possession With Intent To Distribute

In some situations what might be considered simple possession may result in felony drug charges. Possession of any controlled dangerous substance may result in the felony charge of possession with intent to distribute; whether or not the State charges the case as a felony drug charge often depends upon a variety of factors, some of which may be: the amount possessed, the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged possession and the particular jurisdiction. There is no specific amount or weight of any C.D.S. that must automatically result, as a matter of law, in a possession with intent to distribute charge; however, generally speaking, the larger the amount the greater the risk. The facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged act of possession can play a large role in tipping the scales. Even a small amount of C.D.S. that would ordinarily be charged as a simple possession can, in certain contexts, result in a felony distribution charge. As one would expect the felony charge is far more serious with respect to both potential and maximum penalties as well as possible collateral consequences.

Manufacturing A Controlled Dangerous Substance

Unless authorized to do so by law, manufacturing any controlled dangerous substance in Maryland is a felony. Maryland case law holds that growing marijuana plants (sometimes spelled marihuana in charging documents) constitutes manufacturing because manufacturing is defined to include propagation. Although there have been changes in Maryland law regarding the possession of small amounts of marijuana, the illegal growing of marijuana is still a serious felony. Anyone charged with manufacturing marijuana by growing should consult with an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible to start working towards the best possible outcome for your situation.

Manufacturing is not limited, however, to growing marijuana. It is also a felony to manufacture, distribute or possess any machine, equipment, instrument or device that is adapted to produce any illegal drug under circumstances that indicates an intent to use such devices to produce, sell or dispense any C.D.S.

WILLIAM A. STAVROS, Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Lawyer

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