You should consult with an attorney immediately after any DUI/DWI arrest.

Repeat DUI & DWI Offenses

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Baltimore County DUI lawyer William A. Stavros represents clients facing charges for first and repeat DUI/DWI offenses in both the State and Federal Courts in Maryland. He is an experienced attorney who has represented thousands of clients over the span of his twenty-year career. Mr. Stavros understands the high stakes involved in DUI/DWI cases, particularly in those alleging subsequent offenses. If you find yourself facing DUI/DWI charges, he will carefully evaluate your case and discuss all of your possible legal options and defenses with you. Many times these cases turn upon technical issues that an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer can argue on your behalf. Contact William A. Stavros for a free consultation to begin protecting your rights. Mr. Stavros serves the Baltimore Metropolitan area and surrounding counties, including the Maryland D.C. suburbs from his office in Towson, Maryland. He also serves the entire Eastern Shore, including Ocean City, through his office in Centreville, Maryland. Call today at (410) 825-3300. If you live on the Maryland Eastern Shore call today at (410) 739-0794.

The discussion below applies to arrests on non-Federal property only. DUI/DWI Cases on Federal property are heard in Federal Court and are subject to Federal laws and procedures. Contact William A. Stavros if you wish to discuss your Federal DUI/DWI arrest .

Repeat DUI & DWI Offenses in Maryland

A DUI or DWI offense is a serious jailable traffic violation that has significant potential consequences for repeat offenders. Possible consequences for “repeat” DUI/DWI offenders vary with the facts of each particular situation; dispositions in repeat cases often turn upon the timing of the Defendant’s prior convictions or probation before judgment dispositions. Repeat offenders are subject to an increased risk of a variety of potential consequences. A prior history of DUI/DWI offenses increases the risk of a more substantial sanction that remains in the discretion of the judge hearing your case; other possible increases in the available sanctions, however, are a matter of law codified in the Maryland statutes. These laws are complex and are often updated by the Maryland General Assembly; over the years the severity of these laws has increased in an apparent attempt to further discourage repeat DUI/DWI convictions. An experienced Baltimore County DUI lawyer can explain your best options under these complex, and often-changing laws, in your particular case and circumstances.

In Maryland state court, repeat DUI/DWI offenders with two or more DUI/DWI convictions may qualify for subsequent offender penalties. Such priors may include DUI/DWI convictions in Maryland as well as in other states or under federal jurisdiction. Subsequent offender penalties, if applied, can result in far greater potential jail or prison sentences along with the possibility of mandatory jail time. Repeat offenders may also face substantially increased fines and a number of complex sanctions including suspension or revocation of driving privileges.

In summary, repeat DUI/DWI offenders face potential penalties that can affect both their driving privileges and their criminal records. A repeat offender may not have the sentencing options that are available to individuals charged with their first DUI or DWI offense. A first-time offender may be able to obtain a “Probation Before Judgment” (PBJ) disposition to prevent the points that can result in a suspension or revocation of their driving privileges. Repeat DUI/DWI offenders may be ineligible for a (PBJ) disposition as matter of law depending upon the timing of their prior convictions. As a practical matter, even eligible offenders may find it a challenge to persuade the court that they deserve such a disposition. An experienced defense attorney can discuss how best to meet the challenge. If a motorist does not receive a Probation Before Judgment for a DUI/DWI offense the resulting points may result in a suspension or revocation of your license by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).

If convicted, a repeat DUI/DWI offender may face:
  • Suspension or revocation of their license
  • Mandatory jail or prison time
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Increased potential jail time

The ramifications of a repeat DUI/DWI conviction are significant. A person charged with repeat DUI/DWI offenses should consult with an experienced attorney who understands the complexity of DUI/DWI law in Maryland, and who can form and execute a strategy to help minimize the serious consequences of a repeat conviction.

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William A. Stavros is committed to helping individuals facing repeat DUI/DWI charges. Mr. Stavros is experienced in handling repeat DUI/DWI cases in both the State and Federal Courts. He can explain the law as it relates to your case, discuss the courses of action available to you, and aggressively represent you in court. Mr. Stavros serves the entire Eastern Shore, including Ocean City, through his office in Centreville, Maryland. He serves the Baltimore Metropolitan area and surrounding counties, including the Maryland D.C. suburbs from his office in Towson, Maryland. For a free consultation call William A. Stavros today at (410) 739-0794 or (410) 825-3300. You can also reach us online.